LA BELLE ET LA BETE (Beauty and the Beast) – with LIVE SCORE!

August 2, 2011Events

Monday, September 5, 2011 – Doors: 7:00pm / Film: 8:00pm
Second Samoan Church – 655 Cedar Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

Julia's EyesAfter an almost year-long absence, Long Beach Cinematheque’s Sounds of Silence series returns with an amazing evening of sight and sound – a live-score presentation of Jean Cocteau’s beautiful, surreal, and legendary 1946 classic La belle et la bête, presented in the gorgeous Second Samoan Church in downtown Long Beach!

Long Beach musicians Lili De La Mora, Taihei Tajima, Michael Wysong, Sander Wolff, Alyssandra Nighswonger, David Robison, Merrady, Andrew Pompey, and Chris Schlarb – of the bands Miniature Houses, The Year Zero, Ain Soph Aur, Lucky Penny, Elephant Day, and Psychic Temple, among others – will be performing an original score written exclusively for this engagement, live in the acoustically-vibrant Second Samoan Church!  Originally scored by Georges Auric, and subsequently scored by Phillip Glass, La belle et la bête’s dreamy visuals and romantic story are ripe for musical interpretation and inspiration, and we are so pleased to host this talented group of musicians as they perform their own original aural take on the  beloved French classic.

Josette Day stars as Belle, a young girl treated like a servant by her cruel and pretentious sisters, but with kindness by her father, a merchant struggling to make ends meet.   One day when returning home from a business trip, Belle’s father gets lost in a forest and enters a strange castle.  He plucks a rose for Belle, which enrages the castle’s master: a half-human, half-beast monster, played by legendary French actor Jean Marais.  The beast sentences the merchant to death, unless he gives up one of his daughters. Belle sacrifices herself for her father and goes to the castle, discovering that the Beast is not so wild and inhuman as he seems…

Second Samoan Church - Long Beach, CA

We thank our hosts the Second Samoan Church for opening their doors to this wonderful event.  It has been a mission of the Cinematheque to pair the experience of a live-score event with the peerless acoustics and environment that a church setting offers, and we are so grateful to Rev. Misi Tagaloa for embracing this event.  For more information on Second Samon Church, visit them online at

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$10 – General Public – Click HERE for tickets.
FREE – Long Beach Cinematheque Members
Just show your card at the door!

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  1. Anna Richey says:

    Will this be in the French language?

    • admin says:

      Technically, it will be in no language – we will be presenting it with English subtitles, and complementing it with a live score. Although there is dialogue in the film, it is sparse and secondary to grand, surreal visuals – as such, the musicians will be giving the film the “silent film treatment.”

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